Q. “Where are your photos taken”?

A. Because of the fragile nature of most of my subjects and their environments, I only share very general location information with photos. I have taken photos all over Canada, and I aim to prove that location doesn’t matter - we can find something beautiful and interesting nearly anywhere we look.


Q. “Are you a for profit or a non profit business”?

A. Both. I sell prints of my photos for profit (with a portion of the proceeds dedicated to conservation), and I also work passionately toward my own non-profit conservation projects, detailed in the ‘conservation work’ section. I accept donations through my Patreon page, all of which go toward the conservation projects I’ve detailed or are donated to charity. This is a great way to contribute and follow the progress of my work and your contribution.


Q. “what is your return policy”?

A. Because of the need to painstakingly produce each print by hand, I cannot accept returns on framed prints, unless the item is not as described. However, I have extremely high standards for my work and I will do everything reasonably possible to address any issues that may arise. Patrons on Patreon can cancel their subscriptions at any time.